Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Don't be shy

Somebody just commented that it seemed like everyone had gone a bit quiet since we transitioned to the blog format.  How is everyone finding it so far?  I wondered if people were comfortable with the idea of starting a new post to ask a question or leave a short comment on a new topic.   It doesn't have to be an essay or anything traditionally associated with a "blog".  A single sentence is fine for a new post.  Keep the questions and comments coming.  Also, I'm happy to help people who are challenged with the new format, so feel free to email me with concerns.  I'd like to encourage people to get familiar with the new blog, as it has the major advantage of searchability by keyword, among other advantages.  However if anyone needs time to adjust and wants to continue using the cocktail thread at cancercompass, that is of course fine too.



  1. I sometimes have so many questions that I am afraid to start a new topic for each of them :) I did not like the blog format at first but now I feel like it is actually better than a regular forum. I have it open at the page with the list of topics all the time and it is convinient to see when someone replies.

    1. Hi Amber, I think it's okay to do a single post with all your questions at once. I'm adding labels to all the posts so we can see at a glance what is being discussed in the post as well as the follow-up comments.

  2. Seems to be working fine Stephen. I actually like the new format.

  3. I like it a lot, Stephen. Just send you a message about redirecting form the old site so you can concentrate on this one. I had a computer failure earlier this week and have been preoccupied with that, but I have a question, so I'm going to pose it right now. Many thanks. This will become the best resource on the Internet, no doubt in my mind.

  4. I want to update my hubby situation. we made MRI on 9 JULY , and sent it to his neurosurgeon, who said that is ok, . so we are very grateful and hoping that with this treatment Cornel will not make any recurence. Cornel take with prescription:
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    Celebrax 200 mg x 3 /day
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    keppra 500 mg x 3 /day
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    Aloe vera 450 mg x 1 /day
    wormwood 425 mg x 3 /day
    Reishi mushroom 600 mg x 3 /day
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    Cordyceps Sinensis 600 mg x 3/day

    1. I forgot to mention
      Metformin 1000 mg x 1/day
      DCA a half teaspoon /day
      Omega 3 extrra x 2/day

    2. Thanks Melinda,
      If you don't mind would you be able to start a new post and copy and past your cocktail list into the new post? I had an idea that I will present to the group. Everyone who wants to could start a new post listing their complete cocktail with doses. I will add a label to each of these ("cocktail-profile"). The author of the post can make an update to their post every time the cocktail changes. Then in the future all you will need to do to see everyone's post with their complete cocktail is just click on the "cocktail-profile" label from the list of labels at the right.

    3. Stephen, I'm off to enter Chance's info but I think we also need to add what we know of the tumor pathology or diagnostics as well (also whether it is recurrent), so people are not following a cocktail that might not be suitable for them.

  5. Excellent point Jude, excellent point. I'll add this to my "Ideas" post.