Friday, 11 August 2017

BGB-290 (brain penentrant PARP inhibitor) trial now open in USA

Formerly this drug was only available in 2 Australian clinical trials.  A trial has now opened in the USA (Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, not yet open in Oklahoma) for newly diagnosed GBM with unmethylated MGMT, or for recurrent GBM (methylated/unmethylated MGMT), combined with standard treatments (temozolomide + BGB-290 in the recurrent group).

Past post that mentioned BGB-290 and PARP inhibitors.


  1. You site is fascinating and very informative. My FIL was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma (I think grade 4) a year ago and has been doing well on Chemo. The tumor is not growing and holding steady. They have offered him a trial of BGB but I am unsure which variety. Do you know where I can find more information on this as a treatment option for this type of tumor? We are currently under the thought that if he is doing well on Chemo, we don't want to mess up a "good thing". But I also don't want to miss something that could be great. I think we are fearful of the tumor growing in the 2 months that he would stop Chemo. thanks so much for any insight!

    1. Do you know if the tumor was tested for the IDH1 mutation? Do you have access to the pathology report? BGB-290 is a PARP inhibitor, which current preclinical research shows might be an effective strategy especially for IDH-mutant tumors.

      There are 3 BeiGene trials currently recruiting for gliomas, two in Australia and one in the US.

      The trial in the USA is for newly diagnosed or recurrent glioblastoma. "Anaplastic astrocytoma" usually means a grade 3 astrocytoma, but these tumors often progress to grade IV, at which point they're designated "secondary glioblastoma". The trial in the USA is recruiting either newly diagnosed patients with no prior treatment other than surgery, or patients with progressive disease after standard treatments. It sounds like your FIL isn't really in either of these categories, with currently stable disease.

      Is the trial linked to above the one being offered? If his tumor is IDH1-mutant and disease progression made him eligible for the trial, the combination of TMZ + BGB-290 probably has a better chance of being effective than TMZ alone, according to current preclinical data, but there is no clinical data that I'm aware of for this drug (BGB-290) for brain tumors.