Monday, 9 July 2018

Optune - sensitivity to conductive hydrogels - what to do?


My Father suffering from redness and itching that make from the op-tune conductive hydrogels

We Cant find any solution for this, and this is very frustration problem?.. anyone has any idea or tip how to win this battle against  the crazy 
itching and red wounds?



  1. The two best products that I have used are Clobetasol (Rx required- expensive) and skin-prep 420400 (cheap). The Clobetasol is a steroid cream that you apply after you remove the arrays and then wash off before putting new arrays on. I change my arrays every 3 days and apply the cream for about 7 hours before replacing the arrays. The skin-prep is a thin clear liquid that forms a thin protective layer. I apply this just before I put on the arrays and leave it on under the arrays.

    Mike B

  2. My husband suffered too. The doctor ordered him to take breaks from Optune until his wounds cleared.

  3. We used Clobetasol and Aquaphor, and the combination seemed to work reasonably well. The Aquaphor helped quite a bit with the itching. We would usually try to get at least a few hours with the Aquaphor on, and 1-2 applications of Clobetasol to the more irritated areas. Aquaphor is greasy, tho, so you have to really wipe well with alcohol and gauze before putting the next arrays on.