Saturday, 6 January 2018

Consequences of radiation therapy?

Please share your experience.

A week ago, my mother finished radiation therapy + temolozolomide.
The condition was good.

Now she has great weakness, all the time very sleepy, it's hard to walk, sometimes unnatural speech.
I can not understand, such weakness is the consequences of radiation therapy?

Also the last 2 weeks my mom takes every day Metformin (2х1000mg), DCA (2х1300mg), delagil (1х250mg), celebrex (2х200mg).

P.S. My mother also had a very low leukocyte count to 1.66 (norm 4.5-11). What do you recommend food additives for their increase?


  1. I didn't have radiation, but I think that pseudoprogression is quite common after radiation.

  2. Fatigue is a very common side effect of radiotherapy (and also of of chemotherapy), so I think it's not necessarily something to be overly concerned about. I believe this fatigue usually lasts for around a month or so, though I have read it can in some cases also last longer. From what I understand it's also common that radiotherapy can temporarily cause to reappear or worsen the same symptoms that were already experienced before the therapy.

    I hope your mother recovers quickly.


  3. DCA is a potential cause of those symptoms even after a short period of use.