Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Tactics of treatment for early continued growth.

10/27/2017 My mom had a surgical operation. Glyoblastoma was removed by 95%. (MGMT methylated)
After 3 weeks (11/16/2017) MRI showed that the tumor AGAIN grew to a size of 3.5 x 5 x 5 cm (accumulation of contrast medium)
Doctors were just shocked by such rapid growth!!!

From 21.11.2017 to 29.12.2017 my mother had radiation therapy + TMZ (+2 last weeks DCA, metformin, celebrex, chloroquine).
Now mom has a break. She accepts nothing. We want to restore blood counts. In addition, she had a terrible rash on her leg and on her arm.

Today's MRI showed continued growth. The size of the tumor is 4x5x6cm. (accumulation of contrast medium). Doctors say that this is not a pseudo-progression, since there is pressure on the brain and its displacement. We are at a loss.

Two weeks later, we wanted to start CCNU + TMZ (as in the CeTeG study) + DCA + rapamycin + hydroxy / chloroquine.
But now I'm not sure. Maybe we should start a daily low-dose TMZ + CUSPv4?
Or daily low-dose TMZ  + DCA + rapamycin + hydroxy / chloroquine?

I'm afraid that my mother has little time. Her hand begins to work worse, she walks badly and does not speak well (

The tumor grows very quickly and I pray that we have a chance to try something.


  1. As off-labels, my dad is currently taking telmisartan, metformin and low dose naltrexone. If I remember correctly, you are giving your mother an extensive list of supplements (most of them, my dad is taking) so I think you have that part covered.
    I'm just leaving this comment to offer some support and, despite these results, congratulate you for your effort and dedication! Stay strong Semyion!

  2. the doctor says that since radiation therapy and temozolomide did not affect the tumor, urgent intravenous injections should be done: Irinotecan + Avastin.

    but I have not heard anything about this combination before!