Sunday, 26 July 2015

melatonin and seizures

dear all,
has anyone experienced side effects of melatonin related to seizures increase??

We started taking melatonin yesterday as a component of our radiation cocktail..and i read few posts warning people on anti-seizure medications from using fact i also found posts contradicting this it is very controversial..

This post summarizes the issue:


  1. Hi

    I started melatonin 4 weeks ago, no increase in seizure activity but increased headaches

  2. Thx for sharing Nicola,
    May i ask about the dosage u started with?? And ur target dosage

  3. I'm taking 20mg just at nighttime, I won't go any higher. If the headaches worsen I'll cut back to 10mg

  4. This is an interesting topic. I never tracked a correlation, but I wasn't looking for it, nor had I ever come across hearing of an issue. I will pay closer attention from here on out. I had to drop from 20, down to 10, and now rotate 3 mg due to lack of solid sleep. I'll keep you posted if I have any seizure changes from melatonin. Thanks for posting!

  5. you are welcome :)
    We are on 10 mg now..going up to 20mg..
    no side effects till now..will keep u postef