Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Edema generated on flight?

Hi All, we arrived on Sunday to Duderstadt to get some treatment for my wife. Today I felt her a litle bit like disconnected also with some symthomps increased around her hemiparesia. Talked with out second line onchologyst, the one that supports cocktail approach, and told us this long flights (30 hs) may cause edema, added to the fatigue, jetlag a also taking in considerarion that her last surgery was on February 22nd, yes almost 2 weeks, this maybe the main reason of her current status. He reccomends to start 24mg daily to reduce edema.

You can call us crazy, but the situation really diserve it. Whenever I have time will post a briefly her story/fight.

Thanks for the inputs.


  1. I don't have much experience with edema, maybe try with boswellia?

    1. Yes, we just got concentrated Boswellia from Dr Nesselhut Clinic, she is now taking 3.6g (1.2gx3 takes). Hope she gets better.

    2. Fran, YOU MADE IT!!! Yessss!!! This is wonderful news. I remember steroids can be beneficial. Did you talk to Nesselhut about that? You're in great hands. Tell them everything, they'll want to know it all. That clinic is a bunch of talented problem solvers. Reading that you're in Duderstadt just made my day. Xoxo

    3. Yessss we did it. ;-) Thanks Jess. Today Dr. Thomas Nesselhut told us she is dehydrated, so giving some liquid she will feel better and help to solve the synthoms. Next Wed Vaccine!!! 👍🏻