Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Left over supplements

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately my dad passed away last month after fighting for 13 months. He got the rare side effect of a gastrointestinal tear after 1 avastin infusion.

This blog helped me a lot through the journey so I wanted to pass along our unused supplements if anyone wants them. They are opened.

Mushroom science turkey tail - 1/2 full bottle
Longview curcumin - almost full bottle
wokvel Boswellia serrata extract - full bottle
Pterostilbene - full bottle
Myriams hope CBD oil - almost full

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. My husband just started avastin today and the GI tear is one of my main concerns especially since he has a history of ulcers. I'm sorry if this comes out as insensitive as I know you are still dealing with a loss of a loved one, but I'm wondering how I would be able to know if a GI tear occurred. This is truly such a horrible disease.... none of the choices have been easy.... as they all have risks and side effects.

    1. Hi Esther. No worries, I totally get it. I think it can be really hard to tell if it happens. My father got up during the night to go to the bathroom and could not urinate at all. My mother took him to the hospital and they admitted him thinking he had a prostate infection. He also had some slight abdominal pain and my mom noticed that his stomach seemed to be protruding a little. They put him on antibiotics and a few days later did a cat scan. The scan showed air bubbles in his GI track and thats how they knew he had a tear. His NO told us that long term use of steroids can also cause this. He was on steroids for 6 months prior to taking the avastin so no one really knows if it was the steroids or the avastin or both that caused the tear. Hoping you never encounter any of these issues. They are rare so try not to worry too much. Prayers for you and your husband.

    2. Thank you for your reply. Reading this made me so teary eyed. I am always praying they find a cure soon so none of us have to suffer. Thank you again and I hope you have found peace or find it soon.

  2. Jenna, I am so sorry for your loss. My father passed away last July. I'm navigating life but he is missed greatly. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing you gave it your all. I know it comforts me with my loss.

    Love to you.