Thursday, 1 June 2017

Car T cells

Dear all,
Does anyone know of any place ( in the world!) that is doing car t cells on a compassionate basis? My son is under 18 still, so it doesnt seem possible for him to get anything at the City of Hope trial. Thanks!


  1. I would discuss with City of Hope further. Perhaps an exception can be made outside of an actual clinical trial. I don't know of anyone else in the USA working on CAR T Cell for GBM. If someone is, they would know. I found Dr. Badie and the staff in general to be very open to discussing our specific case. We ended up not going through with it but I think it is encouraging what they are trying to do. I vaguely recall mention somewhere of CAR T-cell and Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas). Not CAR T-cell but other research involving injection of things straight into brain: Duke University and MD Anderson (Houston) come to mind.

  2. Olga, if I recall correctly your son has H3 K27M mutant astrocytoma. Please see my post above this one about ONC201.

    1. Yes, Stephen, that is what he has! We are going to look into this - thank you SO much, as always!

  3. I found an article about Baylor's work: It does mention children's hospitals quite a bit.

  4. Here is a list of CAR-T trial in I did not go through each one. Please have a check if you can find interest ones.