Saturday, 3 June 2017

Microflora influences immunotherapy efficacy

This is the second paper I've read on the topic. I can't find the first one but it indicated that microbes related to sugar/refined carb consumption were higher in non-responders versuses those with more diverse microbiota resulting from a diet of healthier foods, lots of veggies.

So it seems what we eat can influence our cancer outcomes after all. A great reason to change your diet as early as possible as it may significantly improve outcomes, if immunotherapy is the route you wind up on. My guess is chemo and radiation aren't influenced by diet because of the way they work but newer treatments might very well be.

There are a few great books I know of on how to create a diverse microbiome. I can't quite recall them right now but I'll look them up later, if interested. You can influence your microbiota over a very short period.



  1. PS - I also just listened to an old NPR program (from 2009) that talked about how prayer and meditation improve the immune system too.

  2. The microbiome influence on the effectiveness of certain cancer immunotherapies is a fascinating topic. I have 5 studies on this that I'll upload to the Brain Tumor Library now. I'll create a new folder called "Microbiome" in the Immunology folder.

  3. Thank you, Stephen. I'm pretty fascinated by it too.

    The Good Gut is one of the books I've read. It's pretty accessible.

  4. do not forget taking probiotics

    1. Absolutely.

      We also eat and drink fermented items at nearly every meal. We had stopped or not done this as religiously until recently. The most important thing about fermented foods is that they should not be pickled using vinegar. You want them to actually have been given the time to ferment. Kefir, kombucha, fermented veggies of all types are all very easy to make. We make kefir water (great for vegans). Our kids love it and with a simple addition of fruits (like lemon and lime) you can create a bubbly soda/pop. You'll have to look up the sugar content but I believe the cultures consumes most of the sugar and so the actual amount you consume is low. If it spikes blood sugar, trying serving it along with a fat like coconut milk or a scoop of coconut oil (not together just along side each other).

      I buy my cultures and supplies from cultures for health. Water kefir is by far the easiest culture I've made.

  5. In the last CIMT meeting in Mainz, this was also mentioned as an emerging issue.