Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to take chloroquine phosphate


Sorry, I need your help again.

Should the patient take the chloroquine phosphate with TMZ just at the beginning 5 days of TMZ cycle? or take it at 28 days - the whole TMZ cycle?

Do you have ACT 001 clinical trial I report?

Best Regards
James Zhou


  1. Hi James,
    That's what this blog is for - asking questions :)

    In the Mexican trials, chloroquine was taken every day (through radiation, BCNU chemotherapy, and beyond) for 12 months.

    In the studies giving hydroxychloroquine + rapamycin, hydroxychloroquine was also given every day, throughout radiation, monthly cycles of chemotherapy and beyond.

    Following these studies I would say to take it every day of the 28 day cycle.

    The ACT001 trial is still recruiting (first patient enrolled September 2016), so my guess is that it will be awhile before anything is published.

  2. Stephen:
    one more question.
    We will use the low dose daily TMZ schedule for treating GBM. The dose is 75mg/m2, it is around 150mg/day. The question is " Should the patient take TMZ at 75mg x 2 times or 150mg x1 time per day?"

    Thanks again.
    James Zhou

    1. This is the same dose commonly used during radiation, 75 mg/m2 taken in one daily dose (or 150 mg once daily assuming body surface area of 2 square metres).

      Did the treating oncologist not provide instructions?

  3. Stephen:

    Our china NO didn't provide the instruction. We are persuading him to accept the daily low dose schedule instead standard 5/23 schedule.

    Best Regards
    James Zhou