Sunday, 23 July 2017

posts on DCA from the old cancer compass thread

I found some of the discussions on the old cocktails thread at cancer compass concerning DCA useful, including the two below.

April 19, 2015:
I talked with three different suppliers and one Canadian pharmacy about purchasing DCA. One company was rude, would not address my questions, and worse. Very evasive in who they were and quality issues. My selection came down to two providers and ultimately I went with pharma-dca. I chose this company because they claim their DCA is manufactured in the UK, not china like almost all other DCA. They addressed my questions respectfully and I liked one of the responses I received from them (see below). Additionally I was looking for someone else that had sourced their DCA through pharma-dca and found that Cheryl Broyles does.
Caveat emptor seems like a very important precaution here. I have not had their DCA independently tested. Therefore it could be excellent quality, it could be adulterated or not DCA at all. I am in no way suggesting their product is not what they claim, I am simply saying I have not had it tested. In my conversations with others using DCA, some source their product through pharma-dca as well and have no complaints. By the way, the other source I was inclined to trust was Certified DCA, but they were asking quite a bit more for their DCA. Below is pharma DCA’s response. If you are interested in certifiedDCA’s response to me let me know and I will post it.
Here is pharma-DCA’s response to me. 
 Hello Michael
Thanks for the response; is part of the AWP group of internet companies.
We do however agree that the vast amount of Sodium Dichloroacetate for sale originates in China.
We have been concerned regarding this issue but as you will appreciate have no control over the purchasing by individuals who unfortunately have not the knowledge or realization of product source.
 AWP  for many years has had its own in-house fully equipped laboratory and routinely sample every batch of product produced.
 All our Sodium Dichloroacetate is produced within the UK to exacting standards; a typical analysis would be as follows:
All product is batch produced  and the batch number displayed on the product label for maximum quality control.
An inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer offers the initial indication of the product quality, we have available if required a Perkins FTIR Spectrometer, a Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatograph plus other equipment.  Finally a sample of the finished product receives a quantitive analysis by titration.
 Only product that meets our strict guidelines is sent for packaging etc.
 Finally if you look at our website you will observe that we also produce potassium dichloroacetate, we have not seen this anywhere else including China.
 We welcome anyone to have our product analyzed on their own behalf

May 16, 2015
Some feel placing DCA in a freezer is important, most seem to feel just refrigeration is fine.  It is claimed the freezer keeps DCA fresher for much longer, but from a practical point of view, you will go through a 100 g bottle rapidly enough that it does not matter.  We keep it in the refrigerator.  We do not worry about with or between meals.  Benfotiamine is taken in the morning around the time DCA is taken.  Might be taken at the same time or at a different time, same with thiamine at night. 


  1. Thanks Stephen

    Have you heard about this company located in Lithuania?

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    1. I just became aware of this company 2 days ago, when a member of this blog left a comment about it.

      That is what prompted me to repost some of the old discussions about DCA sources.

    2. Thank you, Stephen, I did not see that thread. I apologize


    3. Alfonso.

      A lot of canadians (including myself)are purchasing DCA from them. Great customer service, products. IMHO, they're legit. Bought a couple of Dichloroacetate plus ALA and Vit.B1 shipments and never had any problems or complains.

      According to the ion analysis on ( they make high quality stuff.