Friday, 7 July 2017

Sativex (THC + CBD) plus temozolomide for recurrent GBM

This was mentioned in the comments a while back (February), but I feel these findings are significant enough to have their own post.

The original press release by GW pharmaceuticals came out on February 7 (click here).

The data was also published for the 2017 ASCO conference (click here).

"Median survival in the placebo group was 369 days, and > 550 days in the CBD:THC treatment group (NS) and 1 year survival was 83% and 56% in the CBD:THC and placebo groups, respectively (p = 0.042). "   

Even with the small numbers of patients (12 patients in the Sativex + TMZ group, 9 patients in the placebo + TMZ group), the difference in survival at one year still managed to achieve statistical significance.

Sativex (nabiximols) is available in Canada and Europe. 


  1. Thank you, Stephen. Perhaps I missed it, where does it indicate dosage and frequency?

  2. Check previous thread on this:

  3. This is great news! Thanks for posting. Gives our family confidence in what we have been doing so far. We have been using the brand Floracy (which we can buy at local dispensaries in the Bay Area). It's a high quality CBD rich cannabis extract. Can get a bit expensive over the months but so far so good...

  4. NEW THC + CBD trial for newly diagnosed GBM:

    Dose starts at 5 mg CBD + THC per day and escalates up to 80 mg CBD + THC daily (divided into 3 doses) by week nine.

    The trial will be recruiting in Spain, scheduled to open in June (next month).