Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Simvastatin positive evidence in an orthotopic GBM model

The study is called MYC-regulated Mevalonate Metabolism Maintains Brain Tumor Initiating Cells

This study constitutes in my view the first solid evidence that statins could be useful in GBM therapy. In accordance with my research, simvastatin was the statin selected which has better blood-brain barrier abilities versus some other statins, for example atorvastatin (see figure below).  The drug in this study was injected intraperitoneally rather than given orally as would be the case in humans, but at least they used a brain-implanted (not subcutaneous flank-injected) model with relatively recently created GBM cell lines (rather than the ancient U87).

Figure above from the study Statins as Neuroprotectants: A Comparative In Vitro Study of Lipophilicity, Blood-Brain-Barrier Penetration, Lowering of Brain Cholesterol, and Decrease of Neuron Cell Death by Sierra et al. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 23 (2011) 307–318.

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