Saturday, 16 June 2018

Experience with Avemar?

Has anyone had experience with Avemar (fermented wheat germ extract)?   I am concerned about its possible interactions with Keytruda and Tensirolimus, as well as with Warfarin.  Research and literature are limited (see, but it may be anti-angigogenic and promote apoptosis.  We are particularly interested because Avemar is also said to help increase RBC production. My husband's RBC is low and he is feeling very fatigued. 

Just for background - my husband was diagnosed in 2/2016 with giant cell unmethylated and IDH negative GBM in his left temporal lobe.  He never had SOC.  In addition to two resections and hyprofractionated radiation, his treatment initially included an immunotherapy trial for REGN2810.  Now he is on Keytruda and Tensirolimus infusions, 100 mg of daily Temodar, Celebrex, Prozac, Metformin and Optune.  His tumor and cognitive condition are stable and he is fit and strong.  His only problems are anemia and kidney function issues.


  1. I am very surprised about the combination of keytruda en Temsirolimus: Keytruda blocks the interaction between PDL1 on tumor cells and PD1 on immune cells, so that the immune cells effectively can kill tumor cells. OK. But Temsirolimus blocks immune cell activation and function.

  2. I will ask the NO about this. I suspect that the Keytruda is actually not working anyway because after being on it for 10 months, his tumor extended into another area. Tensirolimus and low-dose TMZ were added after that. His tumor has been stable since starting those two drugs.