Tuesday, 19 June 2018

SurVaxM - Update



  1. Thanks Mike. A couple things to note:

    The median PFS of 13.5 months is measured from diagnosis. Other trials of this type measure outcomes from treatment/randomization, which in this trial was about 3 months after diagnosis. 13.5 - 3 = 10.5 months from the start of treatment.

    This data is quite preliminary because so many patients have not even been followed up for a year (see all the black ticks on the survival curves before 12 months).

    Still, the vaccine was active and produced survivin-specific CD8+ T-cells. I hope the PFS and survival outcomes continue to look as promising with longer follow-up.

  2. What does the black ticks mean?

    1. Every black tick represents a patient at the point of last follow up. As you can see, there are many patients with follow up less than one year still (who joined the trial more recently).