Thursday, 2 February 2017

Anyone have an index of cancer compass thread?

Hi all, i have gone through the 237 page wonderful thread, but it' s not able to search, i think most of the drugs and supplements already have answer there, but hard to do it again when have specific questions for some drugs. Anyone have done kind of index for that thread? really appreciate if can share with me.



  1. For newcomers who don't know what "the cancercompass thread" means, it was a discussion of the "cocktail approach" on the Cancer Compass forum. "Our brain tumor cocktails and stories" was named after the cancercompass thread, which went by the title "Glioblastoma..our cocktail and story" and ran from 2013 to 2015, accumulating 237 pages of commentary. Because of the lack of searchability, among other reasons, that discussion was moved to this blog in the summer of 2015.,74411,0.htm

  2. You can do this through Google. Just type whatever you want to search after this": Glioblastoma...Our Cocktail & Story Avastin then go to tools in upper right of the page and select "verbatim" and it will list all the pages with that word in it.

    1. Thanks Danny, I wasn't aware of that feature in Google searches! Incidentally, doing such a search will also search all the pages on this blog as the words "Glioblastoma...Our cocktail and story" appear on every page down in the links section.

    2. Many Thanks Danny, that really really helps a lot!