Tuesday, 28 February 2017


dear all, does anyone happen to have a link to the study that Avastin  helps in the short term but causes satellite tumors? Thanks!


  1. Olga, try going to the Brain Tumor Library (I've shared the folder with you in Google Drive). Inside the Library, go to folder 1 (Therapies - Human Studies) and then to the Avastin/Bevacizumab subfolder. Then go into the "Failure Patterns" sub-sub-folder. There are 7 studies there on this topic. Some of these studies say that Avastin doesn't actually increase the risk of remote relapse or disseminated progression, although preclinical work did show increased invasiveness following Avastin.

  2. thank you, Stephen, so much!!!!

  3. Professor of biology Dr Thomas Seyfried PhD has his own view on this http://vimeo.com/54866497. I'm really not as smart as everyone on here but felt compelled to share Dr Seyfried's information.