Monday, 20 February 2017

Low Karnofsky (KPS) + Treatment GBM in Queensland

Hello everyone.

My 54 yr Mother in law was diagnosed with a tumour on 19th January and had surgery on the 24th January. They removed 80% of the tumour and confirmed it was Glioblastoma.

She did not recover well from the surgery. She was non responsive for a few days in ICU. Fast forward to now and she is yet to receive treatment.  My mother in law has very little movement in her left side, is eating mash and drinking level 2 liquids which are rather thick. Bed ridden, in hospital being taken care of. She has physio every day and is slowly getting stronger and more movement on that side.

She received her diagnosis yesterday and wants to fight this. We want more time. I am searching for others who have had this same start to their battle with GBM. Thank you.


  1. Hello Nikita,

    I think all of us here support cocktail approach beside conventional treatment. Before Stephen (the mastermind on this blog :)) asks - did you receive any pathology report? You can choose your treatment approach, based on that information. Check BT library on Google Drive - Stephen has to give you access, where you have a lot of information, journals, trial reports and list of supplements and repurposed prescription medication.

    I think that the fact that your mother in law is getting stronger every day is encouraging. My tumor was relatively small and in an area that controls word articulation. After surgery my left mouth corner was paralysed, but it got better with therapy. Our brain are neuroplastic, which allows it to compensate for the damage (to some degree) done by surgery. I think it is really important that you choose a big centre, which has a lot of experience with treating brain tumors - hopefully there is someone on this blog from Australia and could comment on this.

    I know it is really stressful being thrown into this, but this blog makes it somewhat easier with all the information gathered in one place.

    Take care!

    1. PS: you have recent comments shown on the right side. Stephen already replied on one of your questions in another topic:

      "Stephen W19 February 2017 at 11:06

      Hi Nikita,
      Just a suggestion: you could contact Professor Khanna in Herston (Brisbane) to see what vaccine trials there might be ongoing for GBM.

      Contact info here:"