Sunday, 9 April 2017

Optune for Canadians

Unfortunately since the Optune device isn't approved yet here in Canada, our only option would be to drive down to the US to get access.  But even so, without US medical insurance, we still have to pay for it out of pocket, which is ridiculously expensive (about $21,000 per month for the device alone).  I was wondering if any Canadians on here have managed to get a hold of one?  If so, could you please share some tips as to the steps you took to get one, and also if you were able to get any coverage, or did you end up paying out of pocket?  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!!


  1. I recall reading, in one of the many recent news articles, a quote from a representative of the company "we've never turned away a patient for inability to pay." They do have a patient assistance page:

    But I'd hazard to guess this policy only applies in countries where it's approved for use. Possibly you'd need to secure a US physical address and a US prescribing doctor.

  2. I would contact them: 1-855-281-9301 (toll free) or I know they have amazing support for U.S. patients, so I wouldn't hesitate to inquire. Good luck and let us know!

  3. Better yet, look at what I found on the website: contains information for residents in the U.S. contains information for residents of Europe. contains information for residents of Japan.

    Please email for all inquiries to other countries.