Thursday, 6 April 2017

Tocagen Trial News

I saw this posted on the Musella website ( Brain Tumor news blast 5600):

Tocagen wins "Most Successful Early Phase Trial" and "Excellence in Rare Disease Drug Development" awards!         I am proud to say that the Musella Foundation has supported the development of this treatment with $130,000 in grants over the last 5 years. Winning the "Most Successful Early Phase Trial" is really impressive when you consider this is across all cancer types, not just brain tumors. Congratulations  to Tocagen!"

Stephen, do you happen to know any details of the results?

Mike B


  1. The only Tocagen clinical trial that's been published (to my knowledge) is this one:

    I'll place this in the Brain Tumor Library if it's not there already.

    1. Placed in folder 1. Therapies - Human studies -> Toca 511 + Toca FC subfolder