Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sonodynamic therapy?

Current status and future perspectives of sonodynamic therapy in glioma treatment.

"Sonodynamic therapy is a developing cancer treatment that uses ultrasound combined with a sonosensitizer to synergistically kill tumor cells, and has provided impressive results in both in vitro and in vivo studies."

This is a therapy I'm pretty much completely unfamiliar with, and I'll be reading about it for the first time here.


  1. What did you think? I believe I read it was effective 96% of the time. It seems likely to be approved, yes?

    1. Oh, I may have mixed this up with the BBB disrupting ultrasound device, SonoCloud.

    2. The study above does discuss BBB disrupting uses of ultrasound at length. But sonodynamic therapy proper is something different. It's actually very similar to photodynamic therapy and uses the same sensitizers, but instead of using lasers/light it uses ultrasound.

      I think targeted and temporary disruption of the BBB with ultrasound to improve chemo delivery is very promising compared to other strategies.