Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Report of Objective Clinical Responses of Cancer Patients to Pharmaceutical-grade Synthetic Cannabidiol.   (PDF download)  (abstract at pubmed)


Clinical responses were seen in 92% of the 119 cases with solid tumours including a reduction in circulating tumour cells in many cases and in other cases, a reduction in tumour size, as shown by repeat scans. No side-effects of any kind were observed when using pharmaceutical grade synthetic cannabidiol.


  1. Thank youThis week In Portugal there was a short and shocking documentary of people desperate in need of CBD but it's illegal to produce and sell. There is a lot of discussion between infarmed that regulates the Portugal industry of pharmaceutical and do it your self.
    I read the article. Ty Stephan

  2. Interesting that they mentioned using CBD with on and off schedule is beneficial. Anybody see this approach or other evidence somewhere else?

  3. Holly, I am also interested why they are using this pulsed approach. Has anyone come across the clinical evidence for this? Geraldine