Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Celebrex post-Avastin?

Hi all,

My brother received his first Avastin treatments over the past few months and suffered a brain bleed. After he was stabilized, his NO said we needed to take a break from Avastin and re-evaluate after 1 month. James was also on Xarelto during this Avastin treatment due to a blood clot that formed in his leg. He is no longer taking Xarelto.

James desperately wants to get off of steroids and is beginning to dose down. He's previously done OK dosing down slowly, but I wanted to ask about introducing Celebrex.

I'm concerned that maybe it could be a bad idea due to the brain bleed? The bleed has not fully "absorbed" so it is still present, though it is under control.

Any previous experiences or references would be greatly appreciated.



  1. In the documentation of the drug is cerebrovascular disease mentioned as a contra-indication. I would be careful. Quid Curcumin-boswellic acids ?

  2. He is taking Curcumin and has started back up on Boswellia.

    While he is on no medication, I'm wondering if Celebrex could induce more bleeding? I've also read that it can reduce edema after a brain hemmorhage, but the warnings say it can increase bleeding.

    I'm a bit confused. Also, it seems some threads here show people taking it in combination with Avastin (but since James had a bleed from Avastin & Xarelto I'm a bit nervous to suggest Celebrex + no meds).

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