Sunday, 7 October 2018

Disulfiram Interactions?

Has anyone had personal experience (or that of a loved one) using rubbing/isopropyl alcohol while on disulfiram? Optune requires the use of 70% rubbing alcohol on a freshly shaven scalp and am concerned about a potential disulfiram reaction. There are numerous warnings about this by the makers of disulfiram, but am hoping to learn about personal experience with this.
Similarly, has anyone used CBD tincture (typically manufactured using alcohol) while on disulfiram? 
Gratitude and healing wishes for all souls using this wonderful forum.


  1. Hello, my husband has been using the Optune for 26 mos now. We found that it is not recommended to use alcohol on a clean shaved head. This makes the wounds worse. Only use the alcohol when you cant get the sticky stuff off after removing the gear and using dial soap. Also, do not use razors. Only use the electric shavers that Optune provides. I have also found that you can apply neosporin to the wounds before putting the gear back on. The ointment does not interfere with the gear. I have also used bandaids, the clear stretchy ones with neosporin.

    Also, getting into the habit of changing the headgear every other day is best.

    1. Many thanks for this very helpful advice!