Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cocktail + lomustine&TMZ

Hi everyone,

My mom was recently diagnosed with GBM so I'm trying to catch on the latest and greatest treatments I can get to her. According to the pathologist, her tumor was MGMT methylated.

She's in her last two weeks of radiation now and her meds are
- Temodar
- Chloroquine 250mg/day
- Longvida curcumin (just started that, she was taking regular turmeric capsules until this order came in)
- Boswellia (maybe one capsule a day, not much)
- Vitamin D 2000 iu/day
- Melatonin 10mg HS

As she comes to the end of radiation, I'm discovering that she might not qualify for some of the vaccine trials going on right now so I'm wondering if any of you know much about the trial that combined Lomustine & TMZ and if you have any feedback on that or other combinations for newly diagnosed GBM that she can inquire about.


I'd also appreciate any ideas you have for her and any meds that would be helpful to add to her cocktail.

Thanks so much for reading.

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