Monday, 9 November 2015

Stomach acid and cancer.

Just finished watching some video. The doctor was kind of selling supplements but also gave lots of information which  I think might be truth. I will attach the video tomorrow.
So he says that the cause of cancer is oncogenes and cancer suppressor genes being turned off. Stomach acid (Chydrochloric acid) is a source of methyl groups which we need to have to avoid those bad oncogenes being turned on. So what we need is acidic stomach and alkaline body. So according to him some people get worse on gersons diet full of veggies because they already have not enough of that acid and such diet would further decrease the stomach acid production and would make the cancer they have worse because there will not be enough methyl groups. So he says to really know what diet would work for each patient we need to do some testing to determine stomach acid level and body ph. I am wondering how all this fits together with all of us taking PPI's which will shut down stomach acid production.(I just swallowed some omeprazole for my gastritis)


  1. Some types of tumors are characterized by pathological hypermethylation (too many methyl groups being attached to DNA).

    To be fair, I haven't seen this video you refer to, but to be honest this description of it is putting me on high quack alert.

  2. For tumors that are hypomethylated, see the discussions on folic acid.