Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tamoxifen + TMZ + Avastin

i am taking a metronomic dose of TMZ (80 mg per day) and get Avastin every two weeks.
I have recently added Tamoxifen (currently 20 mg bid, will be increasing to 30 bid tomorrow)
Is it ok to take those three together?
Thank you


  1. The main thing I'd be concerned about combining Avastin and high dose tamoxifen would be venous thromboembolism (or blood clotting in veins).

    If you recall, Ben was taking two regular aspirin twice daily during his high-dose tamoxifen therapy and long walks, to try to prevent or combat that problem.

    Do you plan to keep escalating the tamoxifen dose? Did your oncologist write the prescription?

    Also I'd suggest CBD, honokiol, chloroquine as good additions to Avastin. Also DCA, but I'm not sure you want to venture that again considering past side-effects you've had.

  2. I read your comment about not combining Celebrex with Aspirin. Which one would you recommend using?

    I take dca on a week on/week off schedule, 1.5 gr a day. I doubt that was the problem. I had re-growth and keep declining every day. (In a wheel chair now. ) I don't need an MRI to know that it keeps growing.

    No, my oncologist has no idea. Dad sends Tamoxifen from Eastern Europe without a prescription. I am just desperate to do something.

    I am going to Germany for immune therapy on the 30th. If anyone is interested, I can start a thread about that

    1. Hi Amber, nice to have you back here,
      and Yes I am very interested about immune theraphy, I wish my hubby make this immune vaccine, but we haven't tumor tissue...and i want to know about prices..and costs, thank you.

    2. I would be very interested in reading your thread too Amber. I wish the best for you. Good luck.

    3. Me too Amber! I still wondering which of the clinic is the best based on the factors like:
      -Availability of fresh tumor tissue.
      -Tumor in paraffin or formalin is the same?
      -HLA analysis.

      Best wishes and keep us posted!

    4. yes, please start a new thread with all this info. I'm very interested and knowing all about it. Also, when did u start avastin and how are you feeling? My husband just had a MRI today that showed new tumor growth, so this new tumor is resistant to temodar and they suggested adding Avastin as one of the options. He is affraid of the side effects of avastin and quality of life.

    5. Hi Daninha, from the experience of my wife with Avastin, I only can tell you that it will improve his quality of life. Talking about the side effects, my wife feels tired in the infusion day and 2 days after, but then she recovers quickly, no vomiting, no hair loss.

  3. With high-dose tamoxifen I'd prefer aspirin for the anti-clotting effect. The reason I caution against combining aspirin + celebrex is that combining a COX-2 inhibitor (Celebrex) with COX-1 inhibition (aspirin) makes risk of gastrointestinal bleeding/ulceration significantly higher.

    When did you start Avastin? Have you felt any differently since starting it?

    Many people here would be interested in your experience in Germany. We have been discussing several German clinics recently here on the blog. I will share some information I've compiled on Google Drive with you.

    What is your target dose for tamoxifen?

    Your dose of DCA is similar to what they've used at the Medicor clinic in Toronto, except they used a 2-week on, one week off schedule.

    I wish you best of luck on your upcoming Germany trip.