Sunday, 22 November 2015

Metformin and autophagy


I was doing a bit of information gathering on AMPK activators, of which metformin is one, and came across information that  metformin is an mTOR inhibitor and and autophagy inducer.  The autophagy inducer information I found interesting.  Any idea how potent this action is and whether it mitigates autophagy inhibition by chloroquine?

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  1. As you know, autophagy is complex, as it can either be a survival mechanism, or alternatively, lead to autophagic cell death. In an esophageal cancer model co-administration of metformin (intraperitoneally injected) with chloroquine was synergistic and inhibited tumor volume far more effectively than metformin alone.

    However, these ip injections of high dose metformin lead to plasma levels far higher than humans get with typical diabetic doses. I have a hard time believing metformin has much direct effect on glioma cells in the brain, and I focus more on the potential systemic effects (on circulating glucose, insulin, IGF-1, and immune effects).