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SPMF treatment and my husband

Dear all,

let me now just post facts.
(This is continuation of

Attached are two MRI descriptions right before and right after the SPMF treatment (2 hours 28 consecutive days).

Please, see for yourself.

I further should mention that:
1. My husband has ongoing immunotherapy in his body with DC vaccines. Started in August.
Takes also metronomic cyclophosphamide and MGN-3.
(Not sure how effective that is when one has 12mg of dexamethasone.)
2. Half a month before the travel to India we started Kava Kava (1-2 grams a day) and continued till mid September.
(Than we ran out of it.)
3. For three days he had Graviola leaves and twigs decoction.
4. Since we were in Ayurvedic centre, he ate in Sativic restaurant. Organic local food.
5. Was touched on his head by local person and prayed for.
6. He forgave one man who harmed him in the past.

This is all what was new and could add to the SPMF treatment. One never knows what works to which extent.

As told by Dr. Vasishta, tumor should keep shrinking and dying. (I hope it will do.)

What was not new is: Melatonin, Vitamin D, Reishi, Cordyceps, Omega 3, Curcumin, Boswelia, ...

All the best and take care,

P.S. my introductory post is:


  1. Hi Hana,

    That was our expeience with SPMF therapy as well. James' tumour continued to shrink untill it was to small to measure accurately. You should continue with all the treatments and repeat the MRI after six weeks as SPMF takes some time to show measurable shrinkage.

    Best of luck


  2. Hi Hana, great news. I would like to know whether you obtained a fit to fly document from your doctor and whether you could get treatment without one. The other question is how much does the treatment cost? (if that is OK to disclose). Finally, was the treatment tolerable?
    Best, Lisa

  3. Hi Lisa,
    treatment cost is 2063 EUR (I converted from Rupees).
    In this cost is 1h treatment daily for consecutive 28 days. My husband needed 2h and the cost was doulbe. He had tumors over his whole right lobe so he needed two zones to be targetted.
    The treatment is comfortable (if lying 1h on bed without much moving is comfortable)
    We obtained Dit to Fly letter from our neurologist. But I think Dr. Vasishta can provide Fit to Fly letter as well.

  4. Update:

    On 12.12.2016 my husband had MRI.
    Yesterday we obtained the MRI interpretation. They compared to August.
    (They have not used MRIs from India)

    There was small shrinkage of satellite tumor. Before 15mm, now 12.
    Also, there is written that the maximal dimension of main structure is 43mm, before it was 48mm. (I do not see this myself from looking at the images and measuring, but am not specialist.)
    There is also written, the pathological area is with increased perfusion.
    The shining area (forgive me my not special terms) has significantly decreased NAA, then slightly decreased Cho, and increased lipids.

    Overall conclusion is:
    Persisting glioblastoma, decreased expansion and contrast.

    I hope we can hope.
    And my hopes are you can have hope too.
    That is why I write these posts.
    If my husband will be helped, I hope many others can be too.

    My heart to all of you.

    P.S. still on 8mg of dexamethasone with its many side effects.

    1. That's a long time to wait for an interpretation but since it's good news, I'm sure it was a relief.

      Thanks for the update; I hope you two a wonderful holiday season. Let's hope 2017 is better for all of us.

  5. (2005)
    - Of the 50 terminally ill cancer patients with whom the project was initiated in July 2004, 35 have survived so far. Of these, 20 patients have gone back to work. All these patients were given only a few weeks to live and had been sent home as their condition was untreatable.
    - "We are conducting phase 1 of the clinical trials wherein only cancer patients who were terminally ill were chosen. They had exhausted all other treatment modalities such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and RFQMR was the last resort for them. Another criterion was that the tumour had to be localised for the beams to target the particular tissue, to destroy it. We have used the therapy for treating various cancers, including lung, brain, liver, stomach, ovary, pancreas, oesophageal cancer," Wg. Cdr. Vasistha said.
    - A total of 123 patients suffering from terminal cancer were recruited for the study
    - The study was conducted from July 2004 to July 2006. The study was approved by ethics committee at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore, India.
    - The radiological findings documented only a minor increase in the size of the lesion (in the range of 1-2 cm in the majority of the cases and rarely ≥3 cm). A few cases even showed a minor reduction in the tumor size contrary to high rate of progression in the size of tumor expected in
    advanced cancer stage.
    Almost all the patients, who completed the treatment showed appreciable pain relief and prolonged survival following exposure to QMR leading to discontinuation of analgesics like morphine and NSAIDs. Most of the patients returned to routine daily activities, some even went back to their professional or household work.

  6. Sharing also here...

    Title : Effect of Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy in Treating Cancer Patients : Our Experience

    Wg Cdr (Dr.) V G Vasishta


    Introduction: Developing an effective treatment for cancer continues to be the prime focuses of Medical Research, and, in recent years several treatment modalities have emerged. Although some of these have shown promise in the treatment of cancer, their application in the treatment is limited owing to serious adverse events associated with cancer therapy. This paper describes for the first time the usefulness of Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy in treatment of cancer without any side effects. A special subgroup of brain tumour patients treated by SPMF Therapy showed that the treatment was highly effective. Methods : 164 patients, suffering from various terminal stage organ cancers were included for the study. 46/164 patients, of Primary malignant brain tumours who had completed standard modalities of treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery and were on palliative care; had come voluntarily for the treatment. The patients were exposed to SPMF Therapy daily for 1 hr, for 28 consecutive days and were assessed using the Karnofsky Performance scale scrores. Results: The statistical analysis revealed a significant correlation between SPMF Therapy exposure and Karnofsky score improvement (Paired t-test, p-value <0.0001). Further all patients got off morphine; most of the patients were able to discontinue analgesics after the course of treatment. Many patients returned to routine daily activities/professional/household work. Among 59% of Brain tumour patients (subgroup of patients) who survived the treatment, 19% of them are still alive (5 yrs post treatment) with reductio in the tumour size, and leading a normal life without recurrence of the tumour. Conclusion: Patients consistently showed signficant improvement in KPS scrores, considerable pain relife and improvement in quality of life after exposure to SPMF Therapy. These findings nto only initiate a new strategy for terminal palliative care of cancer but also suggest that it has the potential to be used as first line of treatment in future particularly in Primary malignant Brain tumours.

    Prof. Vasishta's CV:
    (You know, when we went to India, people were wondering: "such educated people and went to India!". People have prejudices...

  7. Hi Hana!! My husband was diagnosed with gastric cancer stage IV last October. We started very quickly a cocktail approach with him: chemo (3 drugs)+ immunotherapy (keytruda) + IV vitamin C + IV alpha lipoic acid + low dose naltrexone + vitamin D + wobenzym + Celebrex+ melatonin + carzilasa + vitamin E + PSK and recently we added verapamil while in chemo and garcinia cambogdia. We live in Mexico so is kind of "easy" to get acces to all this. So far we're having really good results, with 85% tumor reduction. We red Ben Williams book and I have been following this thread really close (I haven't found something like this in gastric cancer), and I'm very interested in SPMF. Thank you for shearing this information. Can I ask you how is your husband doing? Did he had any adverse events with the treatment?
    I hope you're also taking care of yourself too!
    Jimena (sorry for my English!)

  8. Hi Jimena,
    I am so glad you had 85% tumor reduction. I hope it continues to shrink.
    My husband: next MRI will be on 14 March, so then we will know more. To his clinical state. We are slowly lowering the dexamethasone, he is niw on 5mg. He is not worse that in december. His condition is stable. Recently we found that he has very high LDH (lactate) in his blood. Reason may be whether tumor growing or tumor dying, from the worst scenario to the best. Anyway, we started DCA treatment.
    SPMF treatment: there are no adverse events. It only effects cancer cells.
    Taking care of myself: well.. litle bit yes.

    All the best,

  9. Thank you for your reply Hana! Hope you have great news on march!!! Is he taking any chemo?

  10. Would be thanful for good news.
    No, no chemo. We are avoiding it.
    Recentky we started with sodium dichloractetate. He has very high LDH lactate in his blood. Worst reason is scary. Can be also good reason we hope for. (can be also good sign, right?)
    Also found recently clinic in Germany doing photodynamic therapy without skull opening and all kinds of IV infusions. Also we have option of secound round of immunotherapy with DC vaccine. So we are thinking about next steps.

    1. there is always option to also fly again to India for SPMF treatment. 12 hours long flight with person with edema and tumor in head. Not an easy stuff to finish flight safely.

    2. I have to mention my husband has metronomic cyclophosphamide. I do not view this as chemotherapy treatment.
      This was added because of the immunotherapy. It is to influence Tregs of the cancer cells so that it has lesser chance to overcome immune system.

  11. I thought I will post a small update on my husband:

    I had to stop DCA entirely on 18.2.
    He stopped moving with his fingers, palm, could not walk.
    Even on decreased DCA which was 450mg every 12 hours and increased thiamin which was 500mg every twelve hours.
    On 19.2 when I wanted to seat him, he felt down on his left side, also on his head.
    On 20.2 he had seizure.
    Then we increased dexamethasone to 6mg (he was for week and more on 4mg), now he started to move with his thumb on his left hand again.

    MRI will be on 14 March. That will definitely tell us more.
    Ok, lets forget MRI and live in today.

    Blessings to all,

    1. In December 2015 my wife had been on DCA for several weeks and she showed worrying signs of confusion, loss of balance and poor hand control. I feared the worst but she quickly recovered when the DCA was stopped. We tried several times to start DCA at lower doses but the side effects came back again quickly.
      It might be worth investigating Clomipramine which has similar effects against gbm without the same toxicity.

  12. Dear friends,

    There is one location where the tumor has grown.
    This I see from the MRI images.
    Waiting for official report.

    Options we have now: PDT therapy in Germany, anticancer vaccine.

    Sent emails, waiting for answers.
    Sorry for not bringing positive news.

  13. We finally have mri description (my translation).

    Please, what the all stuff means there?
    Thank you

    In the right hemisphere of brain, pathologic zone F-P with post-contrast saturation of spotted character, with dotter deposits of hemosiderin centrally, with non-homogenous central necrosis. DVO - spotted restriction of diffusion. T2* perfusion significantly increased in saturated parts of tumor.
    There is new zone in white mass F to the right at the bottom edge of the original zone, reaches also rostral part of BG. New zone has dimensions 40x15 mm, with the same spotted post-contrast saturation, with non-homogenous restriction of diffusion. Perfusion is only slightly higher compared to the contra-lateral side.
    Tiny saturated deposit is persisting F to the right parasagittally, today without restriction of diffusion, without increased perfusion.
    Extensive changes of signal in the wight mass in the right hemisphere with finger-like hyper-signal in FLAIR and in T2 in F-P-T-O are combination of peri focal edema a post-radiation leukoencephalopathy. On the left, post-radiation leukoencephalopathy in the centrum semiovale FP. Changes are in progression since 6/2016, in slight progression since 12/2016.
    Right ventricle is narrower than the left, slight move of midline to the left 3mm. Third ventricle is 12mm wide. Cortical sulks are broadened.
    In the thalamus-mesencephale almost in pons on the right, striped hyper-signal in FLAIR, with restriction of diffusion in DVO (appearance of Wallerian degeneration?).
    The deposit in the thalamus has significantly decreased since 6/2016.
    MRS_SVS from tiny saturated deposit F parasagittally on the right - ratio Cho/Cr 1.2, ratio Cho/NAA 2.38.

    Combined changes in the right hemisphere of brain with maximum F character of residual tumor and post-therapeutic changes, progression of size of zone F on the right reaching BG, with slightly increased perfusion.
    Striped changes in thalamus-mesencephale-pons region on the right, regression of tumor in the thalamus.

  14. Conclusion:
    Combined changes in the right hemisphere of brain with maximum F character of residual tumor and post-therapeutic changes, progression of size of zone F on the right reaching BG, with slightly increased perfusion (it can be dominant post-therapeutic changes).
    Striped changes in thalamus-mesencephale-pons region on the right, regression of tumor in the thalamus.

    Sorry, the part in bracket was missing in previous post

  15. Going to India again, to treat the new zone....

    1. Hi Hans, we are looking at spmf for our 4 year old with a CNS tumor which reoccurred on the spine. Had been growing since 2016 and have exhausted all options. Came across spmf through an article someone sent my wife.

      We can be in India at a drop of a hat. Could you connect me with the team who runs the therapy?



    email them, better call them, mention me - Hana from Slovakia
    All the best,
    may your hopes be fulfilled

  17. My husband died 6.6.2017 in India.
    Details later....just was time to inform you all....

    1. Hi Hana, I am sad to hear this. I have been following your posts and inspired by your tenacity. We are at the beginning. Peace

    2. Dianne, thank you for your words.
      Tenacity... That is how my best Christian friend described me - tenacious.
      I am starting my third life....

  18. I'm very sorry for your loss.

  19. Love greater than Romeo and Juliet ceased to exist... (in its previous form)

    1. Hana I'm so sorry to hear your news, it must be so hard being away from home. You will need your tenacity now, but remember true love never dies

  20. Am home already. Was in India with my brother in law for kind of 5 days. Then flew home with my hubby as a cargo. Ah. Was crying half the way on the plane. Then changed my feelings to: am bringing him home. He is already buried. Will have the most wonderful grave in the world.
    Ah what a loss. He was extraordinary genius. His giantness was that of Eninstein and Newton. Such a loss for the world. He could do much more. His fingerprints are already in many things, he pushed technology forward. Great loss.

  21. I am so sorry for your loss .
    Condolences and be strong.

    1. Thank you Melinda,
      I already have a life motto: Against evil one fights by good.
      I plan to establish foundation here in Slovakia in my husband's name....
      Just need to recover and find my strength again.

  22. Hana, I am very sorry for your loss. I share the pain and I wish I could comfort you... my husband was fighting GBM from August 2011 but sadly lost the battle in March 2013. He also had SPMF treatment in Bangalore but it did not help and he died just 4 months later. Sending my love

  23. Hi MS,
    Can we please connect? My skype username is 'hhlucha'.

    1. I don't use skype but please email me at and then we can swap Facebook?