Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cannabinoids question

hello everyone. Is there any value in taking a CBD only oil? This is now legal in Ireland, presumably because there is no THC present.  If so what would be the recommended dose?
Anne Marie


  1. My wife and I were told by a physician that you need both to be effective. It's like how vitamin c needs magnesium to be effective.

  2. We were told the same thing. My husband take 1-1 ratio of CBD-THC, the recommended dosage is all over the map. From 1 gram per day of RSO or FECO, to much higher and lower amounts. The real mystery is dosage getting it from a reliable source. Too much conflict of interests still messing things up to get a clear idea of dosage.

  3. We've been using 1:1 ratio in various cancers, but when patients come in acting high I can tell there THC ratio is higher