Friday, 27 January 2017

Rabies virus vaccine + deferoxamine (iron chelator) + penicillamine (copper chelator)

Following up from a recently published review ("Rabies virus vaccine as an immune adjuvant against cancers and glioblastoma: new studies may resurrect a neglected potential")  I found a study published in 2009 describing treatment of 20 glioblastoma patients with rabies virus vaccine, deferoxamine and penicillamine.

Individual outcomes of all 20 patients are reported in this paper, which allowed me to do a Kaplan-Meier analysis.  The study reported a median post-operative survival of 28 months, similar to my calculation of 53% survival at 27 months, and 45% survival at 34 months.  69% survival at 2 years.

This compares very favorably with other trials from that era which typically had median survival around 16 months and 2 year survival around 25-30%.

There isn't much information given on the standard treatments delivered (radiation? chemotherapy?), but these results are intriguing.  An earlier publication by this author from 1988 describing treatment of GBM with rabies vaccine is only available in Russian.

Rabies vaccine + deferoxamine + penicillamine study available for free at this link:

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