Sunday, 19 March 2017

Boswellia for brain edema

Hello, I have started using WokVel Boswellia Serrata 333mg , 4 pills 3 times a day, in hopes of helping with possible
swelling after RT. That is still short of the 4200mg used in study, so maybe I should increase a bit. Been using it for 3 days.   My husband is currently taking only 1mg of decadron, and when NO has tried to increase it he gets in a very bad emotional state. Has anyone had success with Boswellia ?
Thank you!!


  1. The German study was using a different formulation of Boswellia. Clinical studies of Wokvel have tested doses of 333 - 999 mg daily (1-3 capsules). The main reason to purchase higher bioavailability forms of Boswellia is to reduce the number of capsules necessary to achieve the desired effect. Many patients in the German study had trouble swallowing the number of large capsules required to get to the 4200 mg daily dose.

  2. My wife took 14 capsules a day, each contains 400mg. This resulted in 4,2g of Boswellia acids (our supplement had a 75% share of boswellia acids). Hence, you should look for capsules with a high proportion of boswellia acids but also for a high amount of AKBA, which is the most effective boswellia acid.

  3. ..that was tolerated well and she did not suffer from brain swelling / edema