Thursday, 2 March 2017


Dear all,
We just came back from the second visit from IOZK with a list of CUSP9 drugs:
2. naproxen
3. antabuse
4. minocyclin
5. propranolol
7. Valproic acid

The only one that seems to be available over the counter is naproxen as Alive. I saw also antabuse on-line at Canadian pharmacy, but the rest are definitely prescription in the US. Does anyone have any experience getting these? Thanks!


  1. Olga, I'm not seeing naproxen under any of the CUSP9 forumlations I can see. In fact, your list is drastically different from all versions I've seen.

    May I suggest you look at the CUSP-ND protocol that Stephen helped designed? The website is here:

  2. Valdoxan (agomelatine) and valproic acid are part of CUSP-ND
    Antabuse and minocycline are part of both CUSP9 and CUSP-ND

    I've not seen spironolactone, propranolol or naproxen in either version of CUSP although CUSP9 may have taken new forms that I haven't seen yet. I've personally considered proposing propranolol for inclusion in CUSP-ND.

  3. Did you get prescriptions for these or just the list?

  4. We have just returned from IOZK with this list no prescriptions. Van Gool mentioned R Kast who made it up who in his turn knows Ben Williams. I started searching the drugs,might have to approach other doctors because our NO is not very cooperative. My goal now is to get them as quickly as possible and probably/Van Gool's suggestion) mix them up in smaller shapes in the pharmacy. We are having a huge problem giving all the medication to Dmitri. As we pay a lot of money in Germany we want to get something here covered by our insurance. Thanks.

    1. I'd definitely ask other doctors (family doctor or general practitioner). None of these are specifically cancer drugs.

  5. What are the usual dosages for the cusp medications? Specifically interested in antabuse dosing.

    1. CUSP9v3, the version in clinical trial, has dosing and scheduling for each drug listed on this page: