Thursday, 2 March 2017

Radio/Chemotherapy vs Osteonecrosis

Hi, I would like to know if Radio and Chemotherapy could generate Osteonecrosis. Recently my niece received the diagnosis of Osteonecrosis (after a MR), she has had pain located in her hip, and a little limp. Now we are consulting the best way to heal, but we have doubt about if it’s advisable to stop de chemotherapy.

My niece after two operation (she has a GBM no methilated) she was treated at the same time with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for  6 week, and right now she is taking the 3rd cyclo of six (temodar 5x23 about 360 daily).

I’m looking forward for your answer.

Sincerely, Jose MÂȘ

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  1. My husband had osteonecrosis at the site of his craniotomy. He had an infection under the bone flap after the initial surgery and had the have a second surgery where they removed the bone flap. A year later, after radiation and a year of treatments (temodar, then CCNU, then CPT-11 and carboplatin) he developed recurrent infections at the site. After many months, it was determined that osteonecrosis was present and was a primary contributor to the recurrent infection. Radiation was believed to be a contributor to it developing.