Thursday, 3 December 2015

Alfacalcidol D3

As part of his cocktail my husband has been taking 1mg of Alafacalcidol (vitamin D3) for almost two months now. Now I am not sure if this is the right dosage? It comes in capsules of 0.25mcg.


  1. I think you meant to write 1 mcg alfacalcidol (rather than 1 mg). In the French study from 2001, the dose was 0.04 mcg/kg per day. For a man weighing 65 kg, that would work out to 2.6 mcg per day. I think you could go up to 2 mcg per day at least, but bloodwork should include testing for hypercalcemia.

    In the GBM study using the 0.04 mcg/kg dose, there was no evidence of hypercalcemia in any of the patients after months of use.

    I'll upload a copy of this to the Library.

    1. Thank you Stephen, and yes, I meant 1mcg! Sorry. Actually I think I have already looked at this study previously and came up with 3.6mcg for my husband. This sounded a lot to me, but I think we will go up since there was no evidence of hypercalcemia...

    2. HopeST - Do you mind me asking where you get your alphacalcidol?