Monday, 28 December 2015

Switching Tamox for Letrozole

Hi All!

Since my wife is in process of recovering from her last surgery (3rd) on OCT-19 , she is doing rehab sessions for the secuels (hemiparesia left side), so her ability to move is limitated for now. So we are thinking switch High Dose of Tamoxifen (160mg daily) for Letrozole. The thing here is I'm not able to find any paper with and estimated/recommended dosage for glioma.

If anybody can enlighten us, any comments will be appreciated.


  1. The work on letrozole and glioma has only been in mice so far - no clinical trials, so there is no recommended dose at this time. Also, though GBMs mostly had high aromatase expression in one study, it's not certain to be the case for IDH1-mutant gliomas.

    Tamoxifen and letrozole are not equivalent, since tamoxifen has multiple possible mechanisms of action besides blocking estrogen receptors. Is your reasoning for switching away from tamoxifen that blood clotting could be a problem with high dose tamoxifen now that she is a bit incapacitated? If so, that might not be a problem given the recent evidence that patients with IDH-mutant gliomas do not suffer nearly as frequently from thrombotic events (blood clotting).

    Mutant IDH1/2 suppresses local and systemic thrombosis in glioma patients

  2. Yes, you are right. The idea was switch in order to avoid blood clots. Thanks for point out the study!