Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Canadian Pharmacies accepting US prescriptions?

Does anyone know of a Canadian pharmacy that accepts US prescriptions?  Our Dr. suggested filling the Viagra script in Canada, as it's $1 a pill.  It's currently $60 per pill in the US.  We're in Seattle so BC is an easy trek, though I believe some can accept prescriptions via fax and mail to our home.  Any suggestions before I call around?



  1. Have you checked out the website

    You type in the drug you're looking for and your location (city or zip code). Then it tells you where you can get the drug for the cheapest price in your area.

    Typing in "sildenafil" and "Seattle" into the appropriate boxes, I find you can buy 30 tablets of generic sildenafil for $22.25 at Safeway with a free coupon that you have to print and cutout. The reason Viagra is so expensive is because it's still on-patent, while sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) for hypertension is off-patent.

  2. Annie, North West Pharmacy in Canada accept international scripts, I have ordered from them before and have found them reliable

  3. Thank you both! Will try both today and see what I come up with. Getting avastin today and at infusion now.

  4. Just to share, husband called Good RX in Canada. They're filling 100 viagra for us for $192. I picked some up at Target last month and it ran us $60 per pill. Such a great find!