Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hi all,

I am half way through my 4 week holiday from treatment and starting 6 months of TMZ on 23rd December. Fortunately things are on a roll with TTF and IOZK as i am aiming to do all 3 approaches (TTF, IOZK, TMZ+Cockatail) concurrently. What im a bit concerned about is continuing my cocktail while i undergo Newcastle Virus and DC immune therapy. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what drugs i should perhaps stop/start taking in the run up to IOZK which begins on 30th December. I also thought i would use this opportunity to finally share my cocktail.
Thanks, Mark.

Male 54, primary GBM, over 90% resection on 3rd September 2015,MGMT mythelated at 36%, ATRX positive, IDH1 wild type (negative?), no P53 (only very weak focal expression), and no testing for EGFR and other indicators.

This is what im taking (dosages per day):

Vit D - 9000 IU
Longvidia Circumin - 1800mg
Echinacea - 800mg
Astragalus - 800ng
Grapeseed extract - 200mg
Selenium - 400 ug
Omega 3 - 3000mg
Pterostilbene - 250mg
Enhanced Rhodiala complex with Russian Gingseng - 2 tablets = (166mg rhodalia, 250mg ashwangandha, 320mg gingseng )
Cruciferous vegetable extract - 2 tablets
Probiotic complex - 1 tablet
CoQ 10 alpha lipoic acid - 1 tablet
Vit B12 -100 ug
Milk Thistle - 2 times 5mls
Boswellia Serrata - 2 times 5mls
Corioliolus mushroom - 3 grams
Reishi mushrooms - 2 grams
Maitake mushrooms - 9 grams
Melatonin - 20 grams
Vit B1 -500mg
THC/CBD oil -  1gram (not oral)

Metformin - 1500mg
Chloroquine - 250 mg
Celebrex - 600mg
Disulfiram (only on chemo days) - 250 mg
Keppra - 1000mg
Prozac - 20mg
DCA - Up until a week ago 20mg per kilo but experienced slight trembling and numbness , off for a week now and resuming at 10mg per kilo tomorrow


  1. Stefan van Gool and others published a mouse study, showing the importance of the immune system in mediating the therapeutic effect of NDV treatment. I'll upload this study to the Immunotherapy folder of the Library.


    I suggest asking van Gool himself about which supplements would be most helpful and at which time points in relation to NDV administration. There was a recent study showing that suppressing the innate immune response (Natural Killer cells and macrophages) increased the efficacy of virotherapy in a GBM mouse model.


    Is it possible to supress the innate immune response while activating the adaptive immune response? Is this the best strategy?

    I would also be concerned about the immunosuppressive effects of the cannabinoids during the vaccine therapy. SSRI antidepressants like fluoxetine may also have immunosuppressive effects, though I haven't seen that being confirmed in cancer models. In fact I've seen cancer studies showing improved immune responses with fluoxetine, so there's definitely mixed evidence.



    Would be good to discuss these questions with van Gool or another cancer immunologist.

  2. thanks Stephen, i messaged Van Gool so we will see what he thinks.

  3. Hi Stephen, Van Gool answers selectively so what i got from him was a "seems fine" in relation to the cocktail i'm on.

  4. Hi all,

    My friend is being treated at IOZK with Van Gool and we went through the list with both him (Van Gool) and Dr. Stucker (at IOZK). Here is what we got with regards to what should & should not be continued while on DC Vaccine therapy:

    Metformin - Yes
    Zinc - No
    Genistein - Yes
    Silibinin - Yes
    Green Tea Extract - Yes
    Curcumin - Yes
    Resveratrol - Yes
    Lycopene - Yes
    Melatonin - Yes
    Vitamin D - Yes
    Fish Oil - Yes
    Boswellia Serrata - Yes
    Celebrex - Yes
    Chloroquine Phosphate - No
    Maitake D Fraction (PSK) - Yes
    Cannabis Oil - Yes
    Minocycline - Yes
    Valproic Acid - Yes
    Temozolomide - Questionable. Likely no. If yes, STUPP protocol.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I am wondering about Sildenafil if it should be taken during the the immunotherapy(without the Newcastle virus). Bellow is some article where it states that it should be synergistic. Any opinions?

    1. Given that sildenafil inhibits immune suppressor cells (in mice at least), I would consider it a good addition to immunotherapy.

    2. How about other agents which are not mentioned in the above list which was approved by Von Gool? How about DCA, Disulfiram, Astragalus, Selenium, Coffeine, Cimetidine, Astragalus, Ashwaganda, Hepasunate, Hepatomether and Artemisinin, Folate, Q10, R-lipoic acid. Any ideas on whih of those to take during immunotherapy?

  6. Two recent review articles which might be useful in making a decision as to which immunotherapy to choose: