Friday, 4 December 2015

To sum things up....when do we start

Gb4- 53yo.(mom) Just finisher her radiaton chemo

When do we start?  Were slowly adding all the drugs to the list  So far we have ( which in Canada is HARD to get)

With the easy ones..

Metformin ( Ben on it for a while )
Keppra. ( off and on due to " I don't like taking prescription pills)

Chloroquine ( I'm currently in EU my paypal isn'tworking but I'll figure it out in a couple of days... If you want it ordered let me know)



......when do we start...??  Wait till 5/23? Or ASAP?

... As soon as we get all of them or work with what we have got ? And slowly add them in ?

They just saw our oncologist other then dr (TH.... If your in the BC area).. And waiting to get the EGFR results scanned over.... Apparently it's quite a few pages..

Thank You


  1. It's best not to start everything at once, but add something new every few days or so.

    The proposed mechanism of action for Keppra in brain tumor studies is MGMT inhibition. So that one you could start at the same time as 5/23 TMZ.

    The benefits of chloroquine might depend to some extent on both EGFR status and p53 status. Let us know what the EGFR results are.

    The others I would start now (leaving a few days between adding each one), and chloroquine could be started now too. Prozac (fluoxetine) and Viagra (sildenafil) both have mechanisms of action that aren't TMZ dependent, so no need to wait.

    What about supplements? What is she taking now?

  2. Kamkar, my mom is 53 years old and just finished radiation too!!!!!! We are in Canada too!! West coast. I hope and pray both of our moms will get better.
    My mom is taking chloroquine and we just started celebrex 200mg twice a day too. Don't forget the supplements like curcumin!