Friday, 4 December 2015

Immune system

What are you all doing/not doing to strengthen the immune system during chemo rounds and in general? I'm trying to increase my mom's WBC counts.

There might be an obvious answer to this question, but do most GBM patients have weak immune systems? My mom's WBC's are borderline low (at a break point now so not on any chemo)

Thanks everyone!


  1. I just bought astragalus for my brother to increase the WBC but we did not use it yet and don't know reliable it is.

  2. I found Aloe Vera helped increase white blood count

  3. Thanks Anna and Linda. I've read about those too separately but didn't see them in people's cocktails. I'll try them!

    1. big amount of vegatables after 1 month continuously eating is greatest immune booster. If you can eat natural foods, some supplements is controversial.

  4. My daughter's naturopath recommended Nucleo Immune when we had to postpone a cycle due to low WBC. We haven't had to postpone a cycle due to low WBC since. (In addition, I now use the Nucleo Immune for myself when I feel a cold coming on and it has helped tremendously.)