Thursday, 3 December 2015

Quick question. Which one should I order - Chloroquine phosphate

Thank you for this blog Stephen...  You are not just saving lives but helping family members know that help is out.. Here...

Could I get a quick answer as to which Chloroquine phosphate do you order off the uk website?

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  1. You're welcome, thanks for the feedback!

    I haven't personally ordered anything from that website, but looking at it now, what you want is the chloroquine (without the proguanil). In the antimalarial tablets section select chloroquine/proguanil. You have to fill out the medical questionnaire and select "Chloroquine on its own - without proguanil" when you are asked which drug Fitfortravel recommends for your "area of travel". You'll probably want the largest size package, as the dosing is one per day.

    Remember, they only ship within the EU.