Monday, 19 September 2016


Can you take metformin if you are unable to eat properly for GBM recurrence?

My daughter's recurrence means she is now stuck in bed can't swallow much.
I am trying to think of what medications would be best to try to get her to take if she can't eat much or swallow very easily?
I can't just leave her without meds to deteriorate even more.


  1. Metformin does not lower glucose levels in non-diabetic individuals, so it should be safe to take it without eating much.

  2. Metformin can be quite hard on the stomach so maybe try taking with milk if she is not eating much?

  3. JK and Anne Marie are correct. Taken alone, without other glucose-lowering agents, it should not cause excessively low blood sugar.

    Some people have GI symptoms with it, mostly diarrhea or cramping. Personally, I've been on it for years for my blood sugar, and it never caused me any difficulty at all.

    It does have some tendency to promote weight loss, though, which could be problematic in some situations.