Monday, 5 September 2016

On-line pharmacy recommendation

Has anyone has experience with ordering from on-line pharmacies? Husband's NO agreed with him taking Antabuse (disulfiram) with temozolomide before leaving on his vacation, but did not write an RX for it and we forgot to ask before leaving the office. Now he is gone and the next round of temo will start on Wednesday. I can order disulfiram via an on-line pharmacy without the RX but want to make sure they are legit. Thoughts or recommendations?


  1. I've ordered Antabuse from Delivery was about 10 days which may not suit your timescale. I think the drugs were shipped from Hong Kong. Most online pharmacies not requiring a prescription will be outside of the UK/USA.

  2. Thank you for this jo jo. I found a pharmacy, that sells generic Antabuse made in India by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Not sure which would be better, but like you said, the timescale is the limiting factor here. I will look into how fast both can send the med.

    If anyone has had problems with either this on-line pharmacy or Intas' meds, I'd sure like to know!

  3. You could also have your doctor call in the prescription to a pharmacy near where you are vacationing.

  4. Your Dr. had to leave another Dr. on call while he is on vacation. You can call the office and explain your situation and I am sure you will be able to get them to either write or call in a prescription for you husband

  5. Our regular NO said no, he would not call in an RX for it. It's the NO that is on vacation but his nurse practitioner texted him, and he said no. On our last visit with him, he told us it was his last regular day. He was retiring. I have to tell you, we are feeling a little abandoned by MD Anderson just now.

    Many thanks to the kind hearted fellow from this blog who contacted me and said he'd send the unopened Antabuse (generic from India) he has. We might get a day or two of it with the temo, since the temo must begin tonight. We'll save the rest for the next go round of temo, next month.

    Just got the results of the latest MRI. Tumor is growing, heading toward the midline of the brain. In the corpus callosum now.

    Not a good day...