Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Timing of follow up MRI

For those using avastin or avastin and a cytotoxic drug, how long after the initial infusion of avastin before an MRI was completed to check for signs of tumor stabilization.  Dr. Benkers at Swedish says after the 2nd infusion, but before the 3rd (which would mean MRI between weeks 2 and 4 after the initial avastin infusion) and Dr. Lai at UCLA say just before the next dose of (in Jeremys case) CCNU.  In Jeremys case that means about 6 weeks after the initial dose of avastin.  Just wondering what others are doing.


  1. My husband's neuro-onc at UCLA, Dr. Leia Nghiemphu, has scheduled the MRI after the second infusion. He will be getting an infusion every 2 weeks. Greg usually gets an MRI every 4 weeks, with blood tests and consult with Leia. In this case, it will be 6 weeks to coincide with post second infusion.

  2. Mike our first MRI was just after the 2nd infusion and then every 8 weeks since.