Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Brain Cancer NO's in Seattle area

We are loosing our NO, Dr. Mrugala at UW in Seattle.  We have used Dr. Benkers at Swedish as a 2nd opinion NO.  Does anyone have any recommendations regarding Brain Cancer NO's in the greater Seattle area?


  1. Hi Candy, I just started working with Dr Jerome Graber (NO) at Swedish's Ivy Center. We are pleased with how it's going. I definitely don't agree with everything he says/believes, but we have wonderful conversations, and I'm grateful to have him on my team.

  2. Hi Candy, we have been working with Dr. Benkers at Swedish all of this year. Husband was diagnosed on January 1 - Happy New Year. We visited with Dr. Mrugala at UW for a second opinion in May. Both Dr.s are well qualified and in agreement on my husband's treatment protocol until there is progression. Feel free to e-mail me privately for a little more info.

    Thanks, Starla

    1. Sorry to hear about the particularly bad timing of your husband's diagnosis. A good friend of mine was diagnosed with GBM the day before that, on Dec 31.

  3. I met with Graber a few weeks ago with my friend who's newly diagnosed. I think he's open minded to the cocktail approach but he mostly quoted studies. Didn't sound like he had the experience Mrugala and Chamberlain had. We all liked him very much. Nowhere near the hurry and late appointment tunes Dad experienced with Mrugala.

  4. My husband, diagnosed September 2015 was also a patient of Chamberlain and Mrugala. We are in the same situation, without a captain to guide our ship. I don't know what to do either and have sought out other opinions early on with Benkers and we even traveled to UCLA. With four young children and a full time job I am at a loss as well, as far as what to do next. Seems like we have just been left to cure it ourselves. I can't offer any advice, just a fellow teammate on the same battle. Peace be with you.