Wednesday, 30 November 2016

New research data

I thought the group might like to see these recent reports:





  1. Thank you for these references. They seem very interesting, although I always wish researchers would distinguish between GBM and IDHm gliomas. Are the articles in the second and third references in Stephen's library? or is there a citation to the article referred to in the third link?

  2. The scientific study the third article is based on is in the Library (folder 2, curcumin subfolder).

    The first study is an in vitro study. There is also a mouse experiment included, in which glioma cells pre-treated with metformin in vitro are injected into mice. The concentration of metformin used in this study is far too high - 1 mM (millimolar), which is about 100 times higher than you'd get in the body with regular anti-diabetic dosing. This is the reason I rarely get excited about in vitro studies. The concentrations used are almost always way too high.

    Thanks for posting these though. I do enjoy seeing what other people find in the ocean of cancer research.

  3. Dear Stephen,
    We are looking for your advice - My 16.5 year-old son had his resection of H3K27 -mutant stage III malignant glioma ( left cerebellum) in early October. He is currently on proton radiation and temodar till the end of December.His tumor is IGH1- negative, no p53 mutation, MGMT status low. We are looking to add something else instead of the standard temodar and limustine. Just like Jeni, we are considering SF trial for H3K27 (if we qualify), as well as peptide vaccines in Germany - not sure if any of them would accept a 16 (soon 1 -year old) without a recurrence. Our tumor is at CHOP in Philly, so another thing we are trying to do is go to Russia and get an autogenus vaccine there. Not sure which way to turn. Would you have any ideas? Thank you so much!

    1. Sounds like he may be eligible for the H3 K27 vaccine in San Francisco. Ages 3-21, but he must test positive for HLA-A2 (that could be determined by a blood test).

      I'll add your email to the author list so you'll be able to start a new post of your own, if you wish. Your situation is rather similar to Jeni's, so my advice to her could apply to you as well. Most of the trials for pediatric gliomas go up to ages 18 or 21, so he should't be excluded on the basis of age.

      I'm sorry you are having to go through all this Olga.