Wednesday, 9 November 2016

MicroRNA-326 Sensitizes Human Glioblastoma Cells to Curcumin via the SHH/GLI1 Signaling Pathway

I'm trying to make sense of this abstract --  My question is -- is the referenced miR-326 something that one can be treated with?? If so,  how can I get access to it.  Thank you.


  1. No, this is not something you could be treated with, at least not anytime in the near future. MicroRNAs are naturally occurring gene products that function by inhibiting messenger RNA molecules. There has been a great deal of laboratory research on microRNAs, but I've not heard of anything in the way of clinical trials.

    Small-interfering RNA (siRNA), which work on a somewhat similar principle, seem to be closer to the clinic and have actually been used in early stage clinical trials:

    A review from 2015 stated "Human clinical trials have shown some success with NP [nanoparticle] siRNA delivery, indicating the approach may soon be a viable option for glioma."

  2. Thank you Stephen. It's sometime tough to understand when they talk about a combo treatment - when it's not available outside the lab. My wife uses curcumin.