Friday, 18 November 2016

Other Blogs/Stories

Hey all - I wanted to ask about other stories, since this is about both stories and cocktails.

I've had a blog for years but it's morphed into one about my wife Alison, as you might imagine, after she was diagnosed with GBM.

I just wrote an entry about the night we found out:

And my letter to Joe Biden got some traction:

Finally, here's my first real entry about my wife's condition:

I follow Jessica's blog, Toom-ah? What Stinkin' Toom-ah, which has been a great source of information and comfort. 

Does anyone else have a (well-written) blog to recommend or a blog of their own?


  1. Hi Logan
    thanks for sharing your blogs. I have not come across any other but there is a short book called "Pear Shaped" by Adam Blain. It's funny (to us Brits at least), touching and informative and made my husband realise he's not alone in his experiences. He wishes he had been given the book when he was diagnosed.

    1. You're actually the second person that recommended this to me - it's on my Kindle Unlimited reading list now. Thanks!

  2. Hello, is a blog from a 25-30 year old male, who was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma in 2013. He really knows a lot about metabolic approach (ketogenic diet) and I think is recurrence free until this day. He also opened a website where there are some useful resources and interviews with professionals on this matter.

    Another blog is from a young female, diagnosed with grade 2 gemistocytic astrocytoma few years back. She is a big advocate for brain tumor patients.

    1. Hello! I actually read both of these previously but had forgotten about the first one. Very interesting stuff. I can't believe that it's still working for him, considering how aggressive this cancer it.

      Thanks for the response!

  3. Dear Stephen,
    Do you have any idea about Atavistic Chemotherapy protocol using antibacterial,anti fungal and anti protozoal drugs for advanced cancers?This was by Dr.Frank Arguello,he seems to keep the protocol as trade secret?Any thoughts?

    1. I had not heard of this until your comment. The fact that the protocol is a "trade secret" is a big red flag in itself.

      It would be worthwhile to have a look at the post by the anti-quackery blogger and writer David Gorski (who is also a surgical oncologist), and the consequent email debate between Gorski and Arguello. Links to the debate are in the editor's note at the top of the post.

  4. Hello, I'm unsure where to post this, but I just found this thesis supporting the concept that ellagic acid completly prevents DCA induced neuropathy (at least in mice).

    ALA actually made it worse. The medicore protocol doesn't include ellagic acid. The dose of elagic acid was 75/mg/kg for 1g/Kg of DCA. If you translate to the human dosage of 20/mg/kg of DCA it's about a factor of 50. Making the elagic acid needs within the 1 to 2 mg/kg range (actually 1.4 mg).

    This means 70 mg of ellagic acid for a 70 KG person (who would be taking 1400 mg of DCA) for a complete pervention of the neuropathic effects.

    Could you comment on that please?


    1. Hi Tiago,
      If you'd like to start a new topic, send me an email (my email is on the User Information page), and I can add you to the author list.

      In general, the way mouse dose is converted to human dose by allometric scaling is to multiply the mouse dose by 0.08. So 75 mg/kg would convert to 6 mg/kg for a human, or 420 mg for a 70 kg adult. However this is only a very approximate conversion, and differences between mouse and human absorption and metabolism of a given compound can render this method very inaccurate, but this is how its generally done.

      In other words 1 gram/kg of DCA for a mouse would actually convert to 80 mg/kg for a human (quite high dose). No wonder it caused peripheral neuropathy. I didn't actually read the study, but I will soon.

  5. hello Logan,

    in first row i want you to say , YOU are very talented!
    I like very much your Blog, thank you for sharing.
    nice lecture with great music, and i wish Allison God keep her alive and give her health! you and the baby need her.

    God bless!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Melinda! We are doing the best we possibly can.

      I hope the best for you and yours as well.

  6. Thank you Logan, for including me, and my blog! And what a wonderful idea to open up a discussion for other blogs, and resources - I love getting connected, and learning more. We all have unique things to bring to the table!

  7. Fantastic blog, Logan - did you get a reply to your letter to Joe Biden?

    Anyway, it's not about GBM, but I've written a book that's based on mine and my daughter's journey with a Grade I Pilocytic Astrocytoma:

    Wishing you and your wife all the love in the world....

    Steve x