Tuesday, 8 November 2016



Do you remember about a year ago there was a story about a bunch of doctors in southeast US, mostly Florida, that wound up dead?  Here's an article published last year on it:  (http://thefreethoughtproject.com/florida-doctor-murdered-bringing-total-8-dead-5-missing-month/). 

I stopped following the story but today I ran across this rather amazing news that I wonder about (http://worldtruth.tv/big-pharma-is-injecting-us-with-cancer-enzymes-doctors-who-made-the-discovery-found-murdered/).  This Dr. Ted Broer insists that these doctors all worked on autism and discovered that the autistic kids had been given an enzyme called nagalase in their immunizations.  He states that this nagalase creates a cytokine "storm", paralyzing some kids' immune systems, which ends in a myriad of maladies, one of which, besides autism, is cancer.  An article about also appeared in a FB GBM blog I follow.

Not wanting to get into conspiracy theories, and let me just say I'm in favor of getting kids immunized, I'll just ask a GBM-related question:  is it true that the antidote, as it were, called GcMAF, is a killer of cancers?  Have you heard of this?


  1. I've not researched GcMAF in detail myself, partly because I haven't seen any convincing evidence, and partly because some people that I work with and trust have published this paper, calling the work that has been done into question:


  2. I read it...not sure what to think. I will have to mull it over for awhile. Thanks for the link.